About Us

Seeds to Blooms 'germinated' in 2003 as a small horticultural based business growing bedding plants and edible flowers, doing pressed flower art and floral design. In 2009 it became Prairie GEM Hops (of Manitoba). G.E.M. represents G-Gowan (Me), E-Ebbinghaus (my husband) and M-Morrison/McClure (my Dad, my sister and B-I-L). We began with 3 varieties of commercial brewing hops to see if hops would grow in the Manitoba climate. They flourished! Now we grow 18 different commercial varieties for the serious home brewer, brewing supply stores and local microbreweries.
A diploma from Red River College in Biological Technology and Certificates in Greenhouse Management and Nursery Crop Production through the Prairie Horticulture program, University of Manitoba have helped me develop my business. Two tours of the major hop growing region of Yakima, Washington and attending Hops Academy has also increased my hop related knowledge.
Manitoba grown brewing hops
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I have also written an article in the 2013 issue of The Prairie Garden on growing hops in Manitoba (not available online)